February 13, 2017

Mother begs blood donation for her daughter who has leukemia is possibly a kidnap for organ modus

A concerned citizen shared a very sad story on his Facebook post about a mother seeking for blood donation for her daughter suffering from Leukemia and needs a type "A" blood.

In a Facebook post, the uploader says that she was eating with her best friend outside 7 Eleven in front of CEU Makati when the woman in the photo below approached them.

The old woman has a golden heart according to the uploader Dechie, this caught her attention and asked if the old woman was okay. The old lady burst into tears before she could even speak a word.

They had conversed and found out that her name is Herminia Morales, 74 years old. Asking for help to anyone who can donate a blood with type "A" for daughter named Helena Flores that is currently in the hospital suffering from Leukemia and currently confined in "Ospital ng Makati" or OsMak.

People tried to give her money but she refused to take it because what she need is a blood donation to save her daughter's life.

A different side of the story came out that this is a allegedly a MODUS of a syndicate where this old lady is involved. An important message from Abbie Santos reads,

A Facebook page Mr. Green Distribution also posted the same story telling that the woman is possibly a member of "kidnap for organs" syndicate operating around the country.

Last February 2017, we received an update that she is often spotted in Ortigas telling the same story to her potential victim asking for blood donation while crying for her sick daughter confined in OsMak.

Story published last November 10, 2014, edited February 13, 2017