January 09, 2017

Duterte Reveals Real Reason Behind His Presidential Candidacy

In a speech given by President Rodrigo Duterte this Monday, January 9, he enlightened everyone behind the reasoning of his candidacy for president last elections. This came after he confirmed the newest government appointees. The tough-talking president cited that Mindanao needs to be addressed with it being an important territory in the country where none of his rival candidates were willing to tackle its issues head-on.

Duterte said "if we do not solve the issues in Mindanao, it will be the land and our children's biggest problems." The constant unrest in Mindanao prompted Duterte to take responsibility wherein the country's image has been marred with illegal drugs, terrorist attacks and the like.

Photo va ABSCBN News
The president is determined to fulfill upon the promise of stopping illegal drugs and crimes to a complete halt. "For as long as I am the president, itong malalaking shabu dealers, mamamatay talaga ito," he said. With the damage of the massacres taking its toll on the locals, Dutere stated that the people in Mindanao need to recover.

His goal is to provide the next generation with a better future here in the country, willing to put his life on the line to serve the Filipinos.

Source: KAMI