January 08, 2017

Mo Twister Shames Mocha Supporter's Comment With Poor English on Instagram

Famous television host and dj Mo Twister has been known for being highly critical of President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration especially after Duterte appointed renowned blogger and former model Mocha Uson as an MTRCB board member.

Waves of Uson's supporters showed their support in full strength upon the president's decision, particularly one netizen who slammed Mo over at Instagram and defended Uson for being the newest board member of MTRCB. She said that Uson has the brains to voice out her opinions in order to help the country despite coming from a controversial background.

In response to the netizen's comments, Mo shamed the Mocha supporter and highlighted her rough English grammar. He said "There's sooooo much to love about this! Check out this #dutertard @cai_ali and enjoy every second of it. 1st of all, the atrocious grammar and command of the language.

This is best example of "magtagalog ka na lang, dear." Secondly, after all those errors, the one she felt she needed to correct was the "How about the you?" Lastly, and perhaps best of all, is her Instagram bio "The Lord is my Salvation" She fits the #du30 profile perfectly! Pretends to be good but rotten to the core."

Mo's response received a lot of backlash in the eyes of many netizens specifically supporters of Mocha that stirred quite the debate in the comments section.