January 09, 2017

Mother of rape-slay tourism student expresses her grief on Facebook

The tragic death of 2nd-year tourism student Mitzi Joy Balunsay sent shockwaves throughout the entire nation after she was brutally murdered and dismembered. The devastating loss was too much to overcome for her mother who works abroad to sustain their family's needs and provide them with a bright future.

Marivic Balunsay, OFW mother of Mitzi Joy who works in Saudi Arabia, completely broke down after learning that her daughter was chopped off and her body parts stored in a cardboard box. Her daughter was raped before being murdered and the suspect is believed to be her ex-boyfriend who is also a student of CvSU.

OFW Mother Of 2nd Year College Rape Victim Breaks Down On Social Media

She took to Facebook to express her sadness and despair on losing her beloved daughter in which many netizens sympathized to the family's heartbreaking loss.

An outpouring support was received by the family as they go through tumultuous times, with many netizens seeking justice for Mitzi Joy's death.

Here is the official report about the case of Mitzi Joy. In here, the suspect who is allegedly her ex boyfriend revealed why he chopped off the body of the victim.