January 11, 2017

Netizens on the move to stop the construction of Nickelodeon's Underwater Theme Park in Palawan

After an announcement that Nickelodeon is planning to build 400-hectare underwater theme park in Palawan, netizens started an online petition to stop this plan.

Anna Oposo, the co-founder and chief mermaid of Save Philippine Seas, started a petition and is now gathering signature to reverse Nickelodeon's decision of building this underwater theme park.

The petition aims for 75, 000 signatures and currently have more than 67,000 supporter. This issue has also become one of the trending topics in Twitter with an official hashtag #CoronIsNotBikiniBottom.

According to GMA News online, the resort will open in 2020 and will feature restaurants and lounges six meters (20 feet) below sea level.

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, a government body, said the project had yet to be approved so there is still a hope for all environmentalists to save Coron from this massive mad-made development.