February 08, 2017

17-year Old Commits Suicide After Being Prohibited by Her Mother to See Her Boyfriend

A 17-year old girl from Kalibo, Aklan committed suicide after reportedly having an argument with her mother. Their argument stemmed from her mother preventing her to see her boyfriend after she was discovered to be skipping school classes just to have a date at the beach.

Her body was found hanging lifeless in the kitchen by her 7-year old sibling which shook her entire family to the core and left them devastated. Her parents attempted to rush her to the hospital but it was a little too late as she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Netizens including her friends expressed their deepest condolences and sympathies to the bereaved family as they couldn't believe she took her own life away because of not being with her boyfriend.

Teen commits suicide when parents didn't allow her to see bf

Source: KAMI