February 14, 2017

Dead Oarfish Found Again in Agusan del Norte. Is this another sign?

Once again, local fishermen sighted a dead oarfish that drifted off the coast this time in Tubay, Agusan del Norte. It can be recalled that the same species of fish was discovered a few days ago that triggered panic among residents after an earthquake struck Surigao del Norte two days after the oarfish was found.

With the strange sighting happening a second time around, locals are bracing for the possibility of another jarring phenomenon. Many people believe that the dead oarfish is an omen of an incoming earthquake which raised concern among residents in Mindanao.

Photos of the dead oarfish circulated on social media and caught the attention of many netizens. The dead oarfish caught this time appears to be larger than the first, forcing locals to think that a more powerful earthquake is waiting to happen. Seismologists have chimed in on the perplexing activity and said that there are many factors involved in the occurrence of an earthquake and they believe that the sightings of dead oarfish may be more of a rare coincidence than a prediction.

Only time will tell if another earthquake will strike, but locals are praying that hopefully it doesn't happen this time around.

Source: Facebook