February 13, 2017

Pregnant woman forced to strip naked for body search by policemen

A pregnant woman was forced to remove her clothes by police authorities according to a report from Bitag, a semi-autonomously operated investigative program hosted by Ben Tulfo. Upon conducting surveillance and investigation, several suspects allegedly forced "Anna", the victim to remove her clothing in a police station.

The story began when Anna was about to go home along with her daughter after visiting her husband who was jailed in New Bilibid Prison. They rode a tricycle when suddenly a white van hit them and caused them to stop.

They were immediately transported to Eastwood Police Station 12 in Muntinlupa where the men in the white van presented themselves as part of the PDEA and forced Anna to order drugs and work for them. From there, she was immediately asked to remove her clothes and she was left bare naked. Confused by what was happening, she was left in tears after the entire incident happened.

Traumatized by the experience, Anna sought help from the QCPD Internal Affairs Service and voiced her complaints which eventually reached Bitag where Ben Tulfo took action. The police suspects admitted that they have no warrant of arrest present when they took Anna to the police station.

The three suspects who were identified as P/Supt. Zacarias Villegas, PSINSP Ramon Castillo and PO2 Charlie G Escala were removed from their position after having been found guilty of violating procedural aspects of police.