February 13, 2017

Professor in California Shows Jollibee Viral Ad to Students and Their Reactions are Priceless!

Jollibee has done it again, stirring the hearts of many with their beautiful advertisement this coming Valentine's Day. Their commercial "To all those who found joy in loving unconditionally" struck a chord and instilled mixed emotions to all the viewers, hinting a bit of sadness and  hope at the same time for those who love with no condition.

The well-timed Valentine's ad skyrocketed on social media and mildly tore the hearts of many, leaving them in subtle tears.

The story revolves around a guy who's always been there for the girl he loved, but in the end she found her happy ever after in someone else.

A professor named Chris Toti Lumanglas who's teaching calculus in California showed the commercial to his students during class and their reactions were priceless.

Obviously, they were a bit disappointed in the end that the guy wasn't the one to marry the girl, but for sure they felt hope to continue believing that love is just no mere accident, it is fated.